Pros and Cons of using social media for your next event?

Social media? Good or Bad for the world of events?

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This has been one of the most frequent question discussed and probably will always remain two sided (SocialMediaToday, 2012). With the fast development of social media and all the new live streaming tools available with Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and others, the debate is getting bigger (Bhattacharya,2018; SocialMediaToday, Solaris,2018). However, as mentioned there is no right or wrong answer! What event’s organizer should be aware is that there is always will be positive and negative effects with using social media. In addition, to minimising the cons and increasing the pros, they should clearly think about their social media marketing strategy and they should know their aim and objectives (Buono,2013). Otherwise, social media might kill their event.

With this blogpost will be identifying some positive and negative social media can have on your event and attendees. Hopefully, this can help the event gurus in the industry to decide on which approach they will use for their next event.


Positive Impactssocial-media-breaking-news

  • Brand Visibility – make your event visible! Events attendees are using social media websites as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn even Pinerest (Eden, 2011). This gives a chance to attendees to talk about your events within all of its stages. Create hashtags to help the branding strategy to engage and encourage engagement. These social media allow sharing, tagging and liking posts which will enhance the brand of your event and add more popularity to it (Eden, 2011; Patterson, 2016)
  • Cost effective – YES! It is incredibly affordable, and it could be a great asset for small events or charity event which might not be well sponsored. According to Gotter (2017) the price per click in Facebook is around £0.26 which make is almost free. Also creating an event page and promoting it within your circles of friends and groups is free, which your event can benefit from.
  • Worth of mouth marketing– phone calls, emails to invite friends and family to an event? All of these are left in the past (Eden, 2011). These days word of mouth is one of the most powerful social media which allows you to reach out your fr
  • url.jpgiends, colleagues, family in order to invite them for an event. What is needed is just ‘click’ share on Facebook or LinkedIn or just share the event you’re going to so your friends within the network can consider joining.

Negative Impacts

  • Negative Feedback– event organizers should be ready to face complains and negative feedback on their event pages. However, they have to have people handling it at all times. Sometimes the negative feedback might come from attendees but other times it might come from unhappy employees, which makes the whole organization to look bad.
  • Potential for Embarrassment: social media is powerful and once something gets viral is a challenge to ease it or rectify it. An advice for all events managers is to regular check the event social media networks for any embarrassing pictures, videos, comments, messages or even hashtags. All of these being left for too long it might result in disadvantage for your event and its brand.



  • Time Consuming – according to Social Media today social media marketers spend between 1-12 hours to create, edit, approve and publish content in any social media platform. It might be a challenge as they have to come with an innovative content which interests the specific event target market. Also, if event attendees have any questions before-during or after the event, marketers have to make sure they respond on every comment, message and review. If not, the rating is possible to drop from 71% to 19%.


After we have outlined some of the main advantages and disadvantages of using social media for your event, the only thing we would have to hope for is for events managers to think well when they are making their decisions about how to socially market their event.

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